Facebook Analysis & Social Media Strategy service

Are you disappointed with the engagement and growth of your Facebook Business page?

Are you working hard but not seeing the results of converting your followers into paying clients?

Then my Facebook Analysis Service can help you transform your social media experience and provide you with a tailored action plan that will help you grow your page, create more interaction, and increase your income.

With over 6 years experience and successfully raising the profile of my own business page organically to over 125k followers, selling both physical products ( my own range of Mindful Mishes jewellery sold to countries around the world from my home in Scotland ) and services such as business coaching, life coaching and online courses to a variety of  Entrepreneurs and the general public,  my knowledge and insights will provide you with clear and simple instructions about the changes you need to make to your page in order for it to be a thriving community that benefits your business.

Here’s where to book:

Revamp your Facebook page

A professional review of your Facebook page, with clear instructions to help you breathe new life into your online presence, to enable you to create a bigger impact that will make social media work for your business.



What you will receive: 

A detailed document with a review of what is working well on your social media Page and where improvements could be made. This guide includes step-by-step instructions for you to follow which will allow you to easily implement the required changes to optimise your social media page for success based on your unique service.


A bespoke social media content schedule so you know exactly what to post and when, to create success for your business on social media. Having had the privilege of working with a large variety of Mind/Body/Spirit Entrepreneurs I have been able to test over the years what type of posts work to nurture relationships with you social media followers, effectively build a thriving community on your page, showcase your expertise and convert your followers into happy paying clients. Having a bespoke content schedule allows you to save valuable time and will help your business and income grow at the rate you desire.

Having solid foundations for success and a bespoke social media marketing strategy can significantly increase your success and positively impact your income. Without these two elements our business, energy and results can become scattered, leading to a feast and famine income stream and energetic burnout. 

You will be redirected to pay safely and securely via PayPal. Your bespoke Facebook analysis and social media content schedule will be delivered to you by email within 7 days of purchase.

My knowledge and insights will save you valuable time trying to figure things out on your own and help you make social media work for your business.

With love,


Linda Pollock, Founder of Mindful Wishes.

Social Media & Business coach for Mind/Body/Spirit Entrepreneurs.




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