Learn Tarot

Everything you need to know to successfully interpret and use Tarot Cards to give accurate readings for yourself and others.

Enrolment now open! Next course starts on Monday the 30th of September. Course places are kept small to make sure everyone gets the help they need to learn, so secure your space early if you don’t want to miss out.

What you get:

One month of group tuition, support and guidance from Mindful Wishes Founder, Linda Hughes.

Weekly LIVE and interactive hour long training sessions to help you easily learn and remember the meanings of all 78 Tarot cards using Linda’s unique and effective teaching method.

Journaling exercises to do at home in your own time to support your learning and deepen your understanding of the cards. Making this a very personal learning journey where you can also expect a rise in personal growth and self confidence.

Daily posts to help you work with the cards and keep you inspired and motivated on your learning journey.

Learn how to perform a 10 card Celtic Cross Spread to give in-depth and accurate readings for others.

Weekly group Tarot readings for course members so you can experience for yourself the wisdom of the cards in use.

Written documents to support your learning.

This online course is hosted in a private Facebook group community of like-minded people to practice your readings with to grow your confidence and practice your newly learned skills.

By the end of the training: 

You will be knowledgeable and confident enough to read with accuracy for others, opening up potential for you to create an extra source of income for yourself as a Tarot Reader after some initial practice readings. For guidance, for an hour Tarot reading you can expect to be paid between £30 – £60 per reading depending on your level of expertise and experience. That’s a HUGE return on your investment to learn this new skill.


Learn Tarot online course

Join Tarot teacher and Mindful Wishes Founder, Linda Hughes for an interactive LIVE online Tarot course. Teaching you everything you need to know to start reading tarot with accuracy for yourself and others. Once you sign up you will be sent a link by email to join the private Facebook group where the course will start on the 30th of September 2019. Start your journey with Tarot today!



At the end of the course, you will be invited to stay in the private group to use it as a safe space to practice reading for other course participants and grow your confidence in using the cards as you continue your journey with Tarot.

With love,




Linda Hughes. Founder of Mindful Wishes.

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