My morning routine helps to start my day in a calm yet focussed way. Inspired by Hygge, the Danish art of living well, and incorporating some of the techniques I use to manifest success, abundance and happiness in my life and business.

It starts with a few minutes of prep the night before, as I gather up the items I use and place them in position to make my morning run smoothly and helps me stick to my routine. Before I go to bed I also remove all technology from my bedroom to take away any temptation in the morning to check my emails, texts or social media when I awake.

This morning routine is just one of the many ways I bring intentional-living and slow-living mindfulness techniques into my day to benefit from the calm and clarity it creates.

Here are the items you will need.

A tray – preferably wooden

Your favourite cup or mug for your morning drink – it’s important to use the same one each morning

A candle – I prefer to use an organic scented aromatherapy candle ( Zing Organics botanical candles are my favourite )

A journal – something simple and not too busy or colourful

A pen – Selecting a special pen solely for this purpose can help add a sense of ritual to what you are doing

A few pieces of nature – Think simplicity. A few pebbles, seashells, pinecones and a simple piece of foliage from your garden in a simple vase or cleaned jam jar.


In the morning when you wake, preferably before anyone else in the house, prepare yourself your favourite morning drink (mine is coffee) and take your tray to somewhere you can sit comfortably.

Light your candle and as you do so, set the intention in your mind that the next ten minutes are yours to enjoy. This is Soul-nourishing “me time” between you and The Universe.

As you sip your drink, pick up your pen and open your journal on a fresh double page. The left page will become your gratitude list and the right page will become your desire list. It is an important art of manifesting to have both.

Gratitude list:

Begin by dating your page and writing the following.

“Today I am grateful for…”

Then list ten things. This can be people in your life, material things that support you, good health, feelings you have…anything at all you are grateful for.

Gratitude is a fast-track to happiness. It can shift your mind from a place of worry and fear, to one of deep appreciation for all that is working well in your life.

Desire list:

Again date the page and write the following.

“I am so grateful now that…”

Then go on to write ten things you desire and wish to manifest into your life. You will notice the sentence begins in the present tense. This is important in the manifesting process, as you want to give thanks for the things you desire as if they are already in your life. Helping to manifest them into your life at a greater speed.

Once your list is written, pick the one thing you desire most and spend a few moments visualising yourself having it, achieving it or receiving it, whichever is suitable. Try to really imagine the feelings it will generate inside of you when it shows up in your life.

Then close your journal and direct your attention to the items of nature on your tray. Pick them up. Hold the pebbles, touch the seashells and admire the beauty of the plant of foliage you have in the vase. This helps to connect and ground you. Especially after having spent a few minutes with your imagination visualising your desire.

Finish your drink, then stand up and move your body. Gently stretching and awakening your muscles.

After I have done this, I go to the window in my dining room and just sit and watch the variety of wildlife in my back garden for a few minutes. For me, this act of simple observing and Being helps remind me that regardless of what stresses, worries or fears pop into my mind through the day, I am connected to something much larger and much more beautiful than any concerns within my head. I am connected to the Universe, and life is here to be savoured, enjoyed and lived fully.

With love,

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