Is the daily content you’re consuming draining your energy?

It’s not just what we eat that either fuels us in a positive way and gives us energy or leaves us feeling drained, but also what we choose to consume in our daily habits. What are you feeding your mind and soul today? Is it giving your energy and mood a positive boost or is it leaving you depleted and feeling low or overwhelmed?

Comparing ourselves to others is one of the fastest routes to feeling low about ourselves, our looks, our abilities, our lives and our achievements. With social media being an ever growing part of our daily lives we need to be aware of what triggers us in the virtual world we participate in, that ultimately then filters through into our reality.

When we feel consumed by negative thoughts and feelings about ourselves and the world around us, we have to look at where we are we are actually consuming that information and energy from. So let’s take look at some of the main sources we absorb negative media and look at ways we can reduce this without turning our backs on the issues that matter.

Mainstream news

There is no getting away from the fact that our world is suffering from some major humanitarian atrocities at the moment and they should not go unnoticed. However, we must be aware that although these events are happening, we are not powerless to contributing to helping those affected nor should our perception of the world be completely distorted because of it. There world is in general an amazing place to live, filled with a huge majority of people who care about others and a place we can thrive in abundance of all kinds…especially good feelings.

You would not be human if the tragic stories did not affect you, but you are not helping anyone is they are consuming you. Donate to a charity that is positively helping those affected by wars, natural disasters or personal tragedies. Play your part, contribute what you can, educate yourself, sign petitions that help governments make changes, attend peaceful protests. Do whatever feels right for you, then allow yourself to switch off. The point here is take positive action on the things that outrage you. Don’t instead let it consume you and bring your mood down so low you are no help to yourself or others. That does not contribute at all to finding a solution.

Practical Tip:

Controlling your exposure to it all, is not the same as turning your back. Instead of watching the morning news with your coffee every morning, enjoy it reading a chapter of your favourite book or watching the wildlife visiting your garden. Not only will your mood improve and your energy increase, you will also be sticking two fingers up to the massive corporate businesses behind mainstream media, who control so much of the opinions and content we are drip fed. Taking back control of what and when you watch helps you further awaken and strengthens your rising level of consciousness.

Social Media

This is a biggie! We spend so much time participating in a virtual world on a daily basis, our perception of reality can become hugely distorted as we fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to others. We really must consciously decide what we wish to be consuming here.

In a world where we are the reporters and commentators of our own lives and much of what was once private has now become a public fodder, we must continually remind ourselves that most people only tend to broadcast their hand selected best moments that generally hide the same insecurities and fears we all have as humans.

The perfect selfie that hides all body parts that have headed started to head south, is not a full representation of that person. The holiday snap of the perfect beach and perfect bikini body does not tell the full story. It doesn’t show the persons journey and struggles to get there. The debt they may have just added to their ever mounting credit card to get there, or the amount of hours hard work and overcoming their own self-image fears to reach a point they were confident enough to be photographed in that bikini. You get the point. We never know the full story.

We make snap judgements about people in a virtual world then internalise those thoughts and compare our REAL lives to that. It’s nothing short of madness!
Also we tend to forget that we are in charge of what we allow to show up in our social media newsfeeds. So if you find images and videos that cause you distress or that whiny friend who seeks companions to join their pity party are constantly draining you, do something about it.

Practical tip:

Take a few moments to go through the groups, pages and people you follow on social media and delete or unfollow those that don’t make you feel good or add anything constructive or positive to your life. With whiny friends, you can simply turn off notifications or unfollow, that we they don’t know and you can still be a supportive friend when you choose to visit their page to offer support. It’s all about taking responsibility for what you are allowing into your life.



Be really aware of how much time you are spending online. In my opinion it has become a modern day addiction that is having a negative impact on the lives of so many people. Try keeping a note of how much time you spend online or attached to your smart phone. Those 5 minutes here and there added to the hours you unwillingly get caught up sharing even the positive stuff or watching videos soon add up with potentially devastating consequences. I promise you if you are really honest, you will be very surprised at the amount of time you spend “connected”.

I know, I have been there, lived it and worn “the internet stole my time and energy” T-shirt. I have also suffered the consequences of becoming so distracted by the flashy lights of social media entertainment that I have missed out on enjoying real life experiences.

Social circles

This part is really simple to work out and you will most likely already be aware of this, but implementing change here can often be difficult. Have a look at the people you are surrounding yourself with and become aware of who drains your energy.
I know from experience, the people who do drain your energy are also the same people you spend a lot of time saying yes to, when you really mean no, and whom you are most likely to spend time and energy complaining about.

Life is short. Spend it with people you love and who love you back.

Look out for the people who have a habit of putting you down to make themselves look or feel better. You are not on this planet to put up with stuff like that, nor does it help them deal with their own issues while you are there to shield them from having to face themselves. As you go through the process of awakening and becoming more conscious of your choices, you may find you outgrow friends as your internal world shifts. Become aware of the energy vampires in your life and make a conscious choice to spend less time in their company. Choose to spend more time with those who lift you up, celebrate your successes and champion your dreams.

You have a choice every single day to be in charge of what you consume. If you’re finding your current choices are draining you of energy, make the choice to choose different for yourself.


With love,



Linda Pollock. Founder of Mindful Wishes.

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