Your energy is the most powerful marketing tool you have.

As a Social Media & Business Coach, something I hear all the time from Entrepreneurs is that their posts don’t get seen because they can’t break through the FB algorithm but as a Spiritual Medium I also know the power of our energy. While there is no doubt it has become increasingly difficult to get your posts into the newsfeed of your page followers as Facebook and other social media platforms try to corner you into paying to be seen, there is something I would like you to be aware of.



Your words and pictures when current, carry a vibration that will silently call out to the people who need to hear your message or have their live transformed in some way by the services you offer.

All too often we get caught up in the fast paced circus that social media can become. Posting at speed, feeling we will disappear into the abyss if we are not posting, present and visible at all times. This leads to bad habits, burnout, and posting for the sake of posting.

I speak here from experience. Having spent the last 7 years growing my Facebook page to over 125k+ followers, creating original content and posting daily was a routine I at times felt trapped by. If I took a few days off I would notice less traffic on my website resulting in less sales and a decline in income. So the quick fix – the one that seems to be fitting of the fast paced world of social media, was to simply re-post and re-purpose old content to give me constant and consistent visibility. Having made over 4k original uplifting and meaningful memes and posters over the years it was the easy option to dip into my existing catalogue of original content and keep the social media, website traffic and income stream wheel turning.

My message was just as potent, but the results were not. The reason??? The energy of my words were no longer current. They were not of the moment and as we all know as Spiritual Entrepreneurs, the magic and the power lies in the present.


So if you have found yourself posting for the sake of posting or feel your posts are not being seen or breaking through that much talked about algorithm. Please stop. Pause. Take a breath. Create something new that reflects how you feel in that very moment. Take a photo of something you see in front of you or a photo of you as you are in that moment. Express your current thoughts. Share something about your day – the day you are posting on. Share something from another page that caught your eye or spoke to your soul that day. Whatever you do MAKE IT CURRENT. Only your current energy can connect with other people’s energy in real time.

This also translates to services you have offered for some time. You may have created an online course, or a bespoke service or package several months or years ago, but the same principle applies. You don’t need to constantly create new services to make it current, but the way you choose to market it can change to better present your current energy.

To give you an example, I updated my Learn Tarot Course on my website yesterday. A course I have offered for over a year. I changed the wording. I added new images that appeal to me now. I added testimonials from previous student. I presented it differently on social media to drive traffic to my website. Same course, but with new and current energy. The result…more people signing up to it in a day than in the previous few months combined.

Of course there will also be a practical element to this practice if you can get into the habit of re-visiting your website pages and updating them regularly. You will naturally see things differently with a little distance between when you created the offering and when you review it. You will more easily see where you can tweak it to improve it. Fresh eyes cast over your website regularly with the intention of improving it each time, will help your business grow and you may have learned a lot of new skills or gained feedback from previous clients since you first created the service or product.

Try doing a review of your social media and website today for yourself: 

  • Is your energy current?
  • Do your posts reflect how you feel now? (we grow and change so often)
  • Are you marketing your services in a repetitive way?
  • When was the last time you tried something new on your social media pages?
  • When did you last post a picture of yourself?
  • How old is your profile picture and page header? Do they need updating?
  • When was the last time you updated your website?
  • Do you have new testimonials you could add to your website or social media?

Don’t be afraid to take a break. Give yourself time off and regular social media breaks. It’s good for the soul! You can easily build momentum back up by adhering to the principle of keeping things current.

I hope you have found this thought provoking. If you would like to learn how to effectively use social media to grow your business and increase your income, you can find details of my 1:1 intensive coaching here:

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With love,



Linda Pollock.

Social Media & Business Coach.

Founder of Mindful Wishes.

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