What is macro and micro content and do I need both to grow my business?

The type of content you create to market your business online can be split into two categories – Macro and Micro content.

Macro content takes more time and effort to create, but once made has a long shelf life and can be shared multiple times across many platforms.

Here’s some examples:

They take longer for your customers or potential customers to consume (Read/Watch) but as a result of that, they give you the opportunity to delve deeper into the subjects your customers will find extremely valuable and useful, giving you more time and a better platform to showcase your expertise.

They also stay searchable for a long time, meaning they serve you for longer as a marketing tool for your business. You can help make them more searchable and therefore help more people find your business, by giving your Macro content titles that are searched often in google. Such as blog titles or YouTube video titles. Blogs I created over two years ago are still being found today and driving potential new customers to my website, social media pages and to the services I offer as a business coach.

Micro content is quick to create and quick to consume. Again they can be shared across multiple social media platforms once created but drop out of the newsfeeds quickly and become old news within a matter of days, sometimes hours. This type of content has a purpose and is perfect for all social media platforms.

Here’s some examples:

The purpose they serve in your business is to allow you to maintain a presence on social media which is current and which helps you build relationships with your followers.

Micro content that will serve your business best is the kind that offers your audience a chance to interact and engage with you. Social media content that lets them be social! Content which lets them get to know you the business owner. Post that entertain, inform or educate. Bite-sized content that lets them get to know more about you the business owner, by sharing your story, speaking your unique message and providing them with something uplifting and interesting that results in a smile, makes them feel good or which sparks curiosity in the topics around the services your business offers.

Below are my top 3 creative tips to help you make and use both Macro and Micro content in your marketing without feeling overwhelmed or it taking up too much of your valuable time.

The key here is to work smarter not harder by turning your Macro content into micro content. I see so many business owners burning out and being overly busy creating daily micro content for their social media channels, which alone, isn’t helping them achieve their business goals. It’s also very stressful having to come up with new ideas for social media content every day when you don’t plan in advance.

Tip 1:

Set aside a day each month to batch create 4 pieces of Macro Content. That’s 4 blogs, or 4 ten minute YouTube Videos.

Take key sentences from that content and turn them into micro content by adding those key sentences to an image to create posters/memes for your social media.

Tip 2:

If you’ve created a YouTube Video or broadcast a Live Video on Facebook or Instagram. Download the free App “Otter” onto your phone. It transcribes spoken words into text and sends them to you in an email. So you can hit the record button on Otter, play your video, and the App will transcribe it for you. You then just need to copy and paste your key sentences from the email it send you to turn them into micro content.

Tip 3:

Your Facebook Live videos don’t need to stay exclusively on Facebook. Once broadcast, go to the video settings and Download the Live. If you’ve tried this before and realised it doesn’t save the sound – here’s the solution.  You can then run that video through a programme such as Handbrake, which will allow you to save the original video with sound. Letting you then easily upload it to YouTube, imbed it on a page on your website or send directly by email to your mailing list subscribers.

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Linda Hughes is a Business Success Coach from Scotland and the Founder of Mindful Wishes – An inspiring online community with over 124k followers on Facebook.

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