Mindful Wishes Founder, Linda Pollock is a Psychic Medium, Transformational Coach, Social Media & Business coach, Author and Speaker from Scotland.

Her unique style of reading, perfectly blends her gifts as a Medium, Transformational Coach and Tarot Reader, to provide insight, clarity and messages from spirit to people all over the world. Her readings help people heal their past, find peace in the present and move forward in life with more confidence and ease. Linda offers online and in-person readings, along with holding events to demonstrate mediumship to live audiences in Central Scotland. In the past year alone, Linda has conducted more than 2.5k in-person readings.

Members of the public can also access her low-cost and free of charge online self-empowerment courses, to help them positively transform their lives. Providing help and support that is often placed out with their financial reach.

As a spiritual entrepreneur, Linda is not only passionate about helping the general public, but also in supporting, guiding, and mentoring other spiritual entrepreneurs so they can reach their full potential. In her capacity as a social media and business coach, she provides both online and offline resources for light workers and heart-based entrepreneurs. These come in the form of groups, workshops, live events, masterclasses, courses, group tuition and one-to-one coaching.

One of her most popular resources is her Social Media Success course. Delivered as a two hour masterclass both online and at live events. Sharing knowledge of how she grew her own social media platform organically to over 125k in just a few short years, with course attendees gaining a deeper understanding of how to use social media in a mindful, engaging and genuine way to connect and help others as well as grow their business.

As an inspirational speaker, Linda openly shares her story of teenage bullying, breakdowns, spiritual crisis and sudden awakening. With warmth, honesty, and a dash of her loveable Scottish humour. Shedding light on these areas to break the stigma often still attached to mental health issues and spiritual work alike. Her story of experiencing an instantaneous healing in 2015 that removed seventeen physical and neurological symptoms in less than one hour, without medicine or physical intervention, proves to expand the minds of those who hear her story. It highlights the incredible ability we have as humans to heal ourselves naturally. Linda holds her own speaking events and also appears as a key note speaker.

Her popular range of mindful jewellery is due to re-launch soon. Which has successfully been sold to customers and select trade clients around the world in previous years in high volumes. Along with a new range of eco-friendly aromatherapy candles and room sprays. The Mindful Wishes brand is set to provide services and products that encompass a full mind, body and spirit approach to wellbeing.

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Media and corporate enquiries to book Linda for speaking events, interviews or podcast should be sent to: info@mindfulwishes.comĀ