Grow Your Author Platform

Are you an Author with a burning desire to create a positive impact on the world by sharing your book with the people who need your help?

Whether you wish to approach publishers, plan to self-publish or your book baby is already in print, there is one thing you need for your book to be the success you have always dreamed of – An Author Platform! 

Your Author Platform is the online presence you create which will gather together your ideal readers, give you a voice and most importantly an audience to sell your book to. 

Many people believe that once their book is snapped up by a well-known publisher or available to purchase on Amazon, their life will change as book sales soar as your book falls into the hands of avid readers.

The truth is however, that without a marketing strategy and an Author platform, your book won’t reach the life-changing heights you desire. Even large well known publishers encourage you to learn how to grow an Author Platform and expect you to market your own book.

It can feel overwhelming when you’ve spent months, sometimes years, writing your book only to find you have only a very small audience to sell it to.

That’s where I can help!

With over 125k followers on my Facebook page, Mindful Wishes, I know EXACTLY what it takes to make an impact on social media and how to help you create that all important Author Platform that will give you an audience you love your work and who will buy your book. I regularly have my writing featured on McGill Media, an online platform with an audience of over 12.5 million subscribers and have had my writing featured in magazines such as Spirit and Destiny.

I will also help create a bespoke and effective marketing plan for your book proposal, should you wish to approach publishers.

Through my bespoke Author Platform Coaching I will help you find your audience…I can assure you there are thousands of people to whom your words will be the exact medicine they need.

Even if you are just starting to write your book just now – the time to put together your marketing plan and create your Author Platform is now.

Bespoke Author Platform Coaching

Work with Mindful Wishes Founder, Linda Hughes, to build a successful Author Platform.


Fill out your details below to arrange free 30 minute call with me on Zoom, to see if I’m the right person to help you build an online presence. One which keeps you in alignment with your own dreams, goals and values, without burning out in the process. The World is waiting for you book! Sign up before the end of May 2019 and receive my bespoke social media branding service worth £320 for FREE.

If you are coming back to this page after our call or you have worked with me before, book now to start your journey to book success with me. Investment £1500.

Bespoke Author Platform Coaching

Work with Mindful Wishes Founder, Linda Hughes, to build a successful Author Platform.


Here’s what this bespoke coaching includes:

Prior to your first session I will carry out an analysis of your current social media platforms. Providing you with a detailed document reviewing what is working well on your social media Pages and where improvements could be made. This guide includes step-by-step instructions for you to follow which will allow you to easily implement the required changes to optimise your social media page for success based on the unique message within your book and will help with the creation of your Author Platform. If you don’t already have a social media page, I will help you create one that is optimised for success.
12 x 1 hour weekly 1-2-1 coaching sessions with me via Zoom…Giving you 3 months of support, guidance, and access to my expertise while you create an Author Platform that will make a big impact.
Access to self-study resources in the form of training videos, worksheets and Masterclasses to expand your knowledge of social media and how to use it to generate success for your book.
Coaching schedule.
There is no one size fits all. This is a BESPOKE service tailored to suit your unique message and desired outcomes. However we shall have structure to your sessions in order for you to learn the skillset required to create a successful Authors platform.
Session 1 – Your book is a business! 
The creation of a bespoke marketing plan suitable to approach publishers with, or to generate sales of self-published titles. All books require a marketing plan.

Gain clarity on your services, prices, short-term needs and business vision for your book.
Work out what you want to offer online in addition to your book, such as an online course to accompany it and who you want to serve.
Gain clarity on the services you wish to offer, including how you will deliver these, a clear pricing structure and the creation of an easy to action business plan.

Getting crystal clear on your message so you can communicate with your ideal readers in an authentic and relatable way, needs to be the point at which we start. Helping you to gain clarity on your BIG vision as well as identifying your short-term needs and goals to ensure we can see clearly how to achieve your desired financial targets.
Training Worksheet: How to work out who your ideal audience is.
Access to my 2 hour Social Media Success masterclass video to help you expand your knowledge of how Facebook really works and how to make it work for you!
Session 2 – Planning for success.
Setting short-term and long-term financial targets you’d like your book to generate.
Creating daily and weekly routines that allow for good work/life/spiritual balance.
The creation of a bespoke social media content schedule.
The creation of a bespoke social media strategy and content schedule that will help you achieve both your short-term goals and take you closer with consistency to making your big business vision a reality.
Expert help: Using my expertise in this field I will create the social media content schedule for you, so you know exactly what to post and when to create success for your business on social media. Having had the privilege of working with a large variety of Mind/Body/Spirit Entrepreneurs I have been able to test over the years what type of posts work to nurture relationships with you social media followers, effectively build a thriving community on your page, showcase your expertise and convert your followers into happy paying clients and readers of your book. Having a bespoke content schedule allows you to save valuable time and will help your business as an Author and income grow at the rate you desire.
Session 3 – Creating content.
The creation of a one hour Signature Service. People who read your book if it’s in the self-help or mind/body/spirit category will want to have a personal interaction with you.
How to turn your message and teachings into original social media posts.
How to create, nurture and grow a Facebook group.
How to use mind-mapping to create an online course to accompany your book.
You will be required to set aside at least half an hour each week to work on developing your online course ideas ready to be put together and launched with my support and guidance later in the coaching. At this stage it’s important to allow yourself time to develop your ideas.
3 x training videos: How to create original content for your social media platforms. Showing you step-by-step how to break your message down into highly engaging, unique and shareable content.
If this is not something you wish to learn how to do yourself I do offer a social Media Branding service which can be added on to this coaching package for an additional fee.
Session 4 – Soulful Selling.
Sales training on a variety of techniques across different mediums.
Unblocking your abundance with mindset coaching.
Access to Masterclass: Soulful Selling.
Session 5 – The gift of giving.
The creation of a free offering to be used to grow your mailing list.
Mailchimp training – how to create an email to send to your subscribers.
Creation of a plan for consistency to your emails and create sales opportunities.
Creating a good quality product or service that is given away for free, is the best way to grow your mailing list and have the ability to stay in touch with the people who love your work without having to worry about the Facebook algorithm.
Expert help: I will design and set up a bespoke Mailchimp landing page with an automated one step sales funnel to help grow your mailing list and identify the potential clients who are ready to work with you and buy your services.
Information sheet with titles and ideas for your emails that will help convert your readers into happy paying clients.
Session 6 – Reflect and review.
A review of all skills learned so far and your confidence in implementing them.
A chance to reflect on whether your goals have changed and make adjustments.
An opportunity to discuss your work/life balance.
Taking time to review and reflect half way through the coaching is important as with the learning of new skills comes the generation of new ideas. This will allow us a chance to make any changes to your business plan and social media strategy to keep you in alignment with your vision as it develops.
As a spiritual Medium, you can also use half of this session to experience a reading from me to provide you with extra insight if you wish.
Worksheet – How to create a nourishing daily routine to ensure your physical, mental, energetic and spiritual needs are met as your book business grows.
Session 7 – Get Facebook Live ready!
Coaching on the technical aspect of going LIVE on your page
Mindset coaching to overcome any visibility fears.
How to combine your message seamlessly with sales techniques,
Ways to make your video’s more professional.
Session 8 – From idea to income.
Learn the benefits and techniques of serving on a one-to-many format online.
Identifying which services you offer could be turned into an online course.
How to turn your mind-map of ideas into modules.
Course content development and the technical aspects of online course creation.
Guiding you step-by-step through the process of turning the teachings in your book into an interactive and profitable online course AND how to turn it easily into a self-guided course which will provide you with a silent revenue. ( the ability to earn money while you sleep) The work you do now will be ready to launch on session 11 with my support.
Session 9 – Time to soar!
Creating a high-end Signature Package for your readers which will unlock for you a whole new level of earning potential.
Guidance on structure, pricing and securing sales.
How to get face-to-face interaction with potential clients.
By this point you will have learned how to increase your sales for 1-2-1 sessions and taking the next step by creating high-end packages will help reach a larger income and lesson the feat or famine income stream many Authors find themselves facing.
Worksheet – A template to help you structure your services into appealing and profitable high-end packages.
Access to my Money Mindset Masterclass. Helping you to level up your confidence and beliefs around money to feel comfortable about charging package prices.
Session 10 – Ready to launch.

I will be teaching you how to effectively post links to purchase your book that don’t get lost in the Facebook algorithm.
Assessment of your online course material.
Creation and implementation of a pre-launch sales plan.
Creating opportunities online to tell people about your book and services, such as podcast appearances, published articles both offline and online, and how to secure online speaking opportunities on large pages.
Generating hype before your book launches helps prime it for success. It allows people to research what your book is about, get excited about it and save money for it if necessary. I will be helping you to find new ways of reaching out to new potential readers to spread word of your book and services online.
Session 11 – Take off!
Time to launch the marketing of your book with my support.
Help to admin your course and support with any technical aspects.
Promotion of your book and course on my Mindful Wishes Page with 125k followers.
This can be a bust time with additional support needed to make sure your course launches smoothly and that you have any type of support your require to fulfil your role as course teacher and Author.
Session 12 – Independence!
Final review and Q and A session.
How to review and asses your own work.
Ensuring you fully understand all skills learned.
Creating a business plan for you to now continue to grow and scale your business as an Author.

You will now have all the skillset required to develop and grow your book to the heights you are willing to take it to. Armed with repeatable steps, as your social media grows, so will your income if you continue to implement all the knowledge and techniques you have learned. The sky really is the limit! Your commitment to your own vision will now determine how high your fly!

In addition, I will be in contact with you to answer any queries and give you extra support via Facebook messenger and email throughout the duration of the coaching

Monday – Friday to ensure you stay motivated and committed to achieving the goals you have set for yourself.
Building a successful online presence and a profitable, sustainable and fulfilling online business built around a book does not happen overnight. I requires you to do the work and show up to create content and be reachable for your social media audience. I can also make the road to success easier and quicker for you by helping you overcome the blocks that stand in your way by being on-hand to answer your questions, saving you time and energy having to figure it all out for yourself.
This coaching is not suitable for those who are looking to become and overnight success…125k followers will not appear overnight, but your ideal clients will show up when you fully understand how to use social media to your advantage, commit to growing your business and show up for yourself and your clients.
Nor is it suitable for those who are not ready to take action or make the changes required to succeed.

Bespoke Author Platform Coaching

Work with Mindful Wishes Founder, Linda Hughes, to build a successful Author Platform.


To arrange a free 30 min coaching call with me on zoom if you wish to make sure I am the right coach for you then please email me to schedule a suitable time.
It is my deepest desire to help you succeed. I want you to remember if it’s achievable for me then it’s achievable for you. The world awaits your book!

With love,