Are you ready to move into a new phase of your life?
To rise up, make your dreams a reality, feel confident about yourself, rediscover your inner-peace, rid yourself of burnout, low moods and exhaustion, give up the struggle, release your old life story, raise your self-worth to create a life you love?


My life coaching gives you 1:1 support and incorporates all the knowledge and experience that helped me completely turn my life around from a place of depression, break-down, burnout, anxiety, low-self esteem and the resulting bad choices I made when trapped by those feelings and symptoms created a life I was deeply unhappy with and which left me not knowing who I was or what I wanted out of life.


I will guide you through a process over a six week period that will take you on a journey of growth to help you move out of your current comfort zone ( which becomes uncomfortable when we no longer feel fulfilled or content). Support you with coaching tools and techniques to help you identify and move through fear. Work with you to help you set goals, explore and learn new ways of living that help you overcome the hurdles that are causing you to feel unfulfilled. And help you to grow into a more confident version of yourself who lives a life they love.

Here’s what my life coaching package offers

An initial hour long session via skype or phone to get crystal clear on your goals, life vision, how you feel about yourself and identifying the areas of your life we will focus on transforming during your time with me. Together we will create an action plan to work on during the duration of the coaching which will help you make the life transformation your desire.

An individually tailored action plan created for you to work with over the course of the package. With weekly tasks and challenges to help you turn your life around. This will include working on your mind-set, identifying and transmuting any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back, rediscovering your creative self, journal exercises to explore emotional blocks that are preventing your from reaching your full potential and tasks to raise your self-worth and confidence.

5 x 45 min per week, skype or phone coaching sessions to check in, report on progress, get weekly actions to help you progress and receive encouragement, guidance and support throughout the duration of your coaching.

Full access to my life-transforming online course “Rise” to work through at your own pace.

Contact with me via email or messenger Mon – Fri for additional support whenever you need it throughout the duration of the coaching.

Don’t let your goals and dreams slip away from you any longer.
Empower yourself with knowledge, support and an action plan tailored specifically for you, to help you uncover your purpose, change your life, build your confidence and create a life you love. 

The only question is…
are you going to stay stuck where you are

or are you ready for change?

Life Coaching

6 weeks of transformational life coaching with Mindful Wishes Founder, Linda Hughes.


With love,