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Stand in your Light. A group coaching programme to help you embrace your gifts and create the life and business you desire and deserve.

As a Lightworker and Spiritual Entrepreneur, feeling confident enough to stand in your light, speak your truth and walk your own path with confidence, really is the key to success. However, doing something for a living which falls out-with the expectations of many people, can present you with unexpected hurdles, conflicts and challenges to work through on your journey to success, especially when people close to you or around you simply don’t understand or appreciate your calling.

Self-doubt, fear of what others think, self-sabotage and hiding in the spiritual closet, holds you back from reaching your full potential and fulfilling your calling to bring light into the lives of others to help raise the consciousness of this planet and heal with your inner wisdom and unique gifts.

I want to help as many people as possible to overcome the obstacles that hold them back from shining as brightly as the Universe intended. Learning to identify the many ways the fear of visibility shows up and how to remove the emotional, mental and spiritual blocks it creates has been a crucial part of creating success for myself and my business in 2018. Helping me to secure some major publications, a diary full of the most amazing clients, an abundance of opportunities and my most successful financial year as a spiritual entrepreneur to date.

Working closely with me in a private group, we will explore and abolish visibility fears with a full mind/body/spirit approach that will heal any parts of you that wish to hide away and give you the confidence to be seen, heard and to stand fully in your light. Helping you share your unique message with the World, reach more clients, help many more people find light within themselves and grow your spiritual business.

This group coaching programme is right for you if: 

You want to feel more confident about yourself and your work.

You want to share your unique message with clarity and grace.

You are still hiding in the spiritual closet.

You find yourself procrastinating, making excuses, and avoid taking risks in your business.

Your fear of what others think of you stops you making your dreams a reality.

You had plans for your business in 2018 that didn’t come to fruition.

You would like to create more opportunities for yourself in 2019.

You would love to feel confident enough to collaborate with others, be a guest on their podcast or to approach publishers.

You feel unsupported in your work and would love the support of others who truly understand who you are, how you feel and who will help you embrace your own light.

You are ready to stand in your light to turn your biggest business and life vision into your reality.


The programme will consist of 6 weeks of group coaching, support and training. With weekly group coaching calls, mindset coaching, practical tasks to help you grow in confidence, meditations, rituals, crystals grids, energy healing and group ceremonies to help you stand in your own light. Along with some surprise guest appearances from people who have walked this path and can help you embrace your brilliance. All delivered conveniently in a private Facebook group.

Group opens and coaching starts on the 11th of January 2019. 


Stand in your Light

A group coaching programme for Spiritual Entrepreneurs to help you overcome visibility fears and the many ways in which they show up in our lives to help you create the most magical and magnificent life and business.


I look forward to working with you and making 2019 magical!

With love,











With love,



Mindful Wishes Founder, Linda Pollock.