Social Media Branding

I can turn your words, message, offerings and energy into high-quality original content for your Facebook and Instagram pages. Your content on social media is the first impression potential clients see and if your post are not high-quality assumptions can be made that your work isn’t either. The posters I can create for you will represent you, your brand, your message, gifts and energy to help you attract your ideal clients and generate more income into your business through social media. 

Let me show you what I can do for your business!

Here are some examples of my work. 

Dumari St. Angelo is a woman’s empowerment coach and Author of the book “The gift of divorce”. I created her social media posts to compliment her existing online presence and products by turning quotes from her book into social media posters. Her logo, book and website had already been created with a fresh and uplifting blue and yellow colour pallet which I used to keep continuity of branding in her social media content.
The mood board.


I then used turned these images into posters for her Facebook and Instagram.



Below is the mood board I created for Healer and intuitive Marlene Cronin which was the basis for her social media content, with inspiration for the colour pallet and energetic vibration from her favourite Tarot Deck, The Starchild Tarot.



This Facebook page Header was created to showcase the range of services on offer from Little Whispers Sanctuary – Scotland’s most popular Psychic Café.


Here are some other page headers that I have created for a variety of Mind/Body/Spirit Entrepreneurs.



If you have more than one page or Facebook groups with different themes, then my branding designs are a great way to keep continuity of branding on each.


Here’s what my social media branding service delivers.

  • 30 or 60 unique posers perfectly sized for both Facebook and Instagram.
  • Designed to showcase your own words or quotes from your book if you have one.
  • A FB header image, matching group header image if required and profile picture.
  • The inclusion of your existing logo and website details on each poster.
  • Designed to compliment the colours of your website, book or logo.

The design process involves getting clarity from you on the look, feel and energy you wish people to see represented on your social media platforms. The creation of a mood board for you to approve, which will show thumbnails of the 30 royalty-free images I will select based on your requirements which will then be turned into posters with your own words and branding.
The process is quite in-depth and takes between 10-14 working days to complete.


Social Media Branding Service

30 unique branded social media posters, Facebook page header, group header and profile picture.



Social media branding service – 60 posts

60 unique branded social media posts, Facebook page header, group header and profile picture.


If you have a message to share with the World and use Social Media to attract your clients, then your social media posts are the first thing your potential clients will see. Your posts generate the first impression of what standard your business delivers. Do yours reflect the care and attention to detail you serve your clients with? Do they accurately convey your uplifting message, your personality and brand ethos? Or do you upload posters and images that have been created by someone else and are breaching not only copyright laws but Facebook and Instagram terms and conditions, which could see you having your social media platforms shut down?


If your posts are not of a high standard, it may be why you are working hard to create an online presence for your business but are not generating the level of sales you desire. Having strong branding on your social media platforms ensures your followers recognise you and your business each time you post, helping build relationships online. Which is key to converting followers into happy paying clients!
The professional look of a branded Facebook or Instagram page also gives you an edge in the market place. It lets your customers know you are a professional, who pays attention to detail and cares about every aspect of their work. This helps you grow your audience, as beautifully designed posts get shared much more than lower-quality meme’s. When using social media to market your business, high-quality post and images are essential if you also want to secure high-end prices.


I can save you time, energy and money by creating branded posts for your page, ready for you to simply upload, or better still, schedule in advance for a full month ahead if you post daily. If you only post 3 times per week you will have 3 months or 6 months of ready made professional, bespoke content, when used in rotation, the 60 poster option would give you up to a years worth of social media posts! Creating content is time-consuming and if it’s not your area of expertise it can leave you feeling drained and lacking the time and energy to actually serve more clients doing the work you love. Designed to compliment your brand, convey your energy, share your message and match the level of service you give to your clients, it can greatly enhance your chance of creating success for yourself on social media.


You can also view the 3k unique posters I have created for my own Facebook page over the past 6 years HERE.

With love,



If you would also like a professional analysis of your social media platforms and a bespoke social media content schedule to make planning for success easy, you can find details on how to book this service I offer HERE.