Spiritual Development

Master the Art of Divination Membership Group

Learn multiple forms of Divination while developing your intuition and exploring your spiritual path in a safe online space with expert tuition from Linda Hughes, Spiritual Medium and Tarot teacher.

Within a private Facebook membership group, where you can share your journey with like-minded people, I will be teaching many of the divination methods I have used in my work to read for thousands of people from around the World.

I will be teaching:

Tarot – Tea Leaf reading – Crystal ball reading / scrying – Crystal reading & crystal grids – Pendulum work – Energy clearing & protection – Ways to develop your intuition – An introduction to mediumship – How to connect with your Higher Self & Spirit Guides – Creating sacred space – And much more.

We will focus on a different subject each month with exercises to participate in and home study that will help your spiritual development and understanding of divination techniques.

Each month there will be:

A live Masterclass for you to join in and learn new divination skills while being able to speak directly with me and other members via a group Zoom call ( Similar to Skype)

A Facebook Live Q & A to get the answers to the questions you need to know to grow in confidence with your spiritual practices.

A chance for all members to read for other people within the group to develop the new skills you will be learning and grow your confidence.

An online full moon or new moon gathering on Zoom to help keep your own energy balanced and your life goals and intentions clear to help you progress on your own spiritual path.

Each week there will be:

Challenges and home study tasks to help you develop your intuition and progress further along your own spiritual path.

The ability to be part of an online community, make new freinds and learn new skills with like-minded people.


Membership Costs: £22 per month

Membership fee’s are taken via PayPal and can be cancelled by you at any time. Once you sign up you will be emailed a link to join us in The Art of Divination Private Group.

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I look forward to seeing where this journey takes you!

With love,