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As a business coach with a thriving business and social media following of over 125k, I know exactly what it takes to create a successful online business that lets you be of service to others while generating the income and creating the life you truly desire and deserve. Having my own business has not only let me create the level of income I needed to improve my life, but I’ve done it all while working around my kids from home.

My business has changed throughout the years, from physical products such as my own range of mindful jewellery which was sold globally, to exclusive service based products such as life coaching, mediumship readings, online courses and social media and business coaching.

One key thing that has helped me create success no matter what my business offers is knowing how to make social media really work for my business.

I’d love to share my knowledge with you to help you create your own profitable and sustainable business!

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Linda Pollock is the Founder of Mindful Wishes with her own social media following of over 125k, a social media & business coach, and writer.

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